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Robyn Hubbard, D.Min. (Doctor of Ministry)

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Robyn’s professional career began early on as a Physical Therapist with the intention of integrating body healing and emotional therapy, which proved to be a large part of her initial clinical work.  After the loss of her mother to cancer in 1989 and her own diagnosis of cancer in 1995, she was drawn much more deeply into the world of inner healing, spirituality and grief work.  A number of subsequent losses, transitions and healing crises throughout her adult life has deepened her commitment to the social transformation of how we process and integrate grief and loss through the portal of resilience for the sake of both personal and collective evolution.  A very powerful and active dream life throughout her years, that she finally came to deeply appreciate and engage with during her doctoral studies, is what has guided her along this continually evolving journey.  Her passion for dreams, Jungian and archetypal studies, soul embodiment and movement practices, and all things depth oriented, has fueled her longing for expanding consciousness.

Through her own personal healing path and professional studies over the years, she has developed a profound way to integrate the true essence of body, mind, soul and spirit in her practice. She enjoys working with both individuals and groups to witness the unfolding transformation and soul embodiment that comes out of the curiosity and commitment to awaken the wellness within that she is so deeply committed to in her own evolutionary life path.

Robyn is ever grateful to her mentors and teachers who have deeply influenced her evolving work over the years, including Jeremy Taylor (Marin Institute of Projective Dreamwork), Melissa Michaels (SomaSource®), Matthew Fox, Andrew Harvey, Tina Stromsted (Soul's Body® and Dreamdancing®), Mirabai Starr, Sobonfu Some, Carol Welch (Biosomatics), Andrea Arduine, and Mark Hochwender, as well many others, as her primary sources of inspiration and influence both personally and professionally.  In addition, Robyn bows in deep gratitude to her two beautiful daughters who are her greatest source of love and teaching, and to her wonderful husband who has been an amazing gift of love and support as well as a profound partner in deep, intimate, and often painful, growth and evolution.  And, most passionately, Robyn is grateful for her ever-deepening relationship with the Divine with whom she shares a mutual longing for sacred fusion.


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