• Learn to translate the universal, creative and metaphoric language of the soul ~ like soul poetry

  • Explore how dreams, ingeniously crafted by your inner Guide, Self, Master, Mystery... act as a compass of how closely we are living to our inner Truth or Soul Self

  • Honor dream content to connect more fully to your instinctual, intuitive, and wild nature

  • Embody and awaken parts of yourself that cannot yet be described in words - through movement and imagination

  • Discover the range of curiosity and possibility that enlivens our infinite creative potential – for the sake of expressing it into the world!

Dreams, as well as our waking life experiences, synchronicities, and visions, are the creatively soul crafted material that guide us in awakening to and relating with our True selves.  Each image, archetype, scene, sensation, color and emotion that is evoked or portrayed in our dreams ingeniously brings to us material that invites curiosity about how our soul is calling us forth – toward our most awakened and enlivened selves.  

We explore the symbolic material in our dreams out of this bridge of connection we make by relating with dreams. The Gestalt perspective of every aspect of our dream is some aspect of our self that is longing for recognition and integration is contemplated in a gesture to withdraw projection.  We also embody the figures in dreams from the perspective of this “other” experience and discover how this perspective informs waking experience from a broader view.  By sensing, moving and engaging the body in dream exploration, the images and figures come to life and serve to reveal repressed or hidden energies within us that awaken parts of ourselves that elude description through words  – that are longing for expression.  

As my beloved mentor, the late Jeremy Taylor, an internationally renowned Dreamworker says (and I have come to trust deeply within myself), is that especially when a dream is remembered, we already have the creative capacity to work with and integrate whatever unconscious energies it is stirring.  It is our most important work as humans to awaken fully and bring forth our unique contribution and capacity for co-creation and collaboration with all of life on the planet.


Robyn is a Certified Dream Work Facilitator through the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work.  http://www.jeremytaylor.com/mipd/index.html

*In honor of my beloved mentor of over 20 years, Jeremy Taylor, and his wife Kathryn Taylor, I am accepting new local and long distance dreamwork clients to carry on the tradition they both so diligently and lovingly tended for many of us over many years.  Skype and Zoom sessions available.