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Each course offered at FICS is a one week block (Monday-Friday) called an Intensive. The daily schedule of each Intensive week consists of four elements (Body Prayer, Seminar, Art as Meditation and Integration Group). Students pick one Seminar and one Art as Meditation for each Intensive. All students participate in all four elements of the daily schedule.

Soul Dance: A Movement Practice for Soulful Living and Grieving

art as meditation

Robyn Hubbard, DMin

This experiential course is designed with the wisdom of the 4 Paths of Creation Spirituality at the root of its inspiration. Participants will have the opportunity to engage their bodies, hearts, minds and soul while journeying through the 4 Paths of Soulful Living and Grieving – Resource, Release, Renewal and Return. By mindfully and somatically accessing a wide range of experience and emotion, we have a unique opportunity to discover meaning, resource, creative potential and direction. This expressive movement, ritual and art based experience offers a template to serve as an ongoing deepening practice. The gently guided movement experience engages creativity through the awareness of sensation and the following of somatic impulse into movement, followed by an opportunity for artistic expression before bringing it into story and intellect. Thus, this journey becomes a window into locating ourselves at each moment within the Paths, how best we can support ourselves to continue moving through, and therefore, becomes a spiraling map of growth and evolution. The more comfortable we become embodying a whole range of experience, the more trust and safety we cultivate for ourselves to take more radical action in the world. This experiential map is influenced and inspired by the 5 Rhythms, Authentic Movement, SomaSource and the Hero’s Journey.