• Share your story in a safe, compassionate and nurturing environment

  • Embody inner resources that build resilience and courage

  • Discover growth and transformation that lie hidden in the darkness of grief

  • Feel supported in the discovery of new ways of being with yourself and others

  • Receive guidance and referrals for alternative support services

The experience of grieving the death of a loved one, an unexpected life change, a life-threatening or chronic condition, and transitions of all kinds including aging and end of life, can be tricky and hard to navigate alone. My personal life path has churned me through layers of grief since I was a young girl – from the sudden death of a child of very close family friends, to the death of my own mom in my adolescent years, personal life-threatening diagnoses, and two very close brushes on death’s door of my own daughter, among other things.

I have found these experiences, over time, to have initiated and cultivated profound resources of resilience and depth in my ability to be with my own grief as well as the compassionate presence to sit with and companion others as they navigate their own paths through the dark forest of grief and loss. What I have found through my personal experience, has been a surprising growth that I am very aware I may never have discovered had I not been forced to face the despair that comes in those times of intense letting go.

It is my intention to provide a compassionate, nurturing and trauma-informed environment for others to safely share their stories when things feel dark and intense. I truly trust that as we each give ourselves greater permission to be present with our pain, over time, we discover the creative energies of compassion and transformation that are always stirred and more accessible in the dark times. In turn, we become more available for each other, as role models for the next generation, and transform our culture’s experience of loss.  Together, we create a map of resilience for the journey through grief.

Just like a flower, it is through the crack in the seed in the dark soil that prompts the birth of the stem to reach for the light and, over time, share the beauty and wisdom that is born out of a difficult path.

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