An integrated approach to wellness through awakening the mind, body, Soul and spirit. 


Robyn Hubbard, D.Min. (Doctor of Ministry) is a spiritual mentor, grief counselor, certified dream work facilitator, bodyworker and a well-resourced guide into the depths of Self where we access our jewels of transformation and soul growth.

Her work involves spiritual mentoring that includes dialogue, embodied movement practices and the exploration of dream material that is symbolically represented through our sleeping and waking dreamscapes.  Robyn’s broad background of body-mind healing and movement-centered work includes Biosomatics, inspiration from 5Rhythms Dance®, SomaSource®, and Authentic Movement, along with her long-time passion as a dancer and soul-centered mover.  A broad array of dream perspectives and depth of study also deeply informs Robyn’s work.  

The process of accessing the body’s wisdom through movement and dance creates an environment of curiosity to explore our unconscious realms and integrate soul messages coming forth from our dreams before they are intellectualized into story. Once we filter our dreamland material through our waking/intellectual minds, it becomes processed through the ego and potentially at the mercy of habitual patterns.  If we allow the natural unfolding of the soul’s prodding through the body’s impulse for creative expression and our mind's ability of imagination, we are more directly guided on our path of purpose and calling. Through the combination of these woven paths, Robyn and her clients explore the wild nature of our inner world and how it interplays with and informs our waking life, or outer, experience. Learn more about Robyn and her process 


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Embodied Women: 

Moving in the Shadow,
Dancing in the Light

Save the date!!  Robyn Hubbard and Sonny Conley are (finally!) partnering up to offer a transformational workshop for women ~ this fall, September 22-25 (Location TBA):

Are you seeking a deeper sense of aliveness, meaning and/or sacred purpose?  Are you ready to love more fully with an open heart?

Guided by the Four Paths of Conscious Embodiment, we will enliven and celebrate our most authentic, juicy, sensual, liberated feminine selves!  Throughout the course of this deeply transformational workshop, we will engage in an active, embodied process of surrender that transforms our challenges into strengths, our intentions into manifestation, and our gifts into loving service!

September 22-25

  • Learn to translate the universal, creative and metaphoric language of the soul ~ like soul poetry

  • Explore how dreams, ingeniously crafted by your inner Guide, Self, Master, Mystery... act as a compass of how closely we are living to our inner Truth or Soul Self

  • Honor dream content to connect more fully to your awakened, living and wild nature self 

  • Embody and awaken parts of yourself that could not first be described in words - through movement and imagination

  • Integrate the range of curiosity and possibility stirred that enlivens our infinite creative potential – for the sake of expressing it into the world!

Dreams, as well as our waking life experiences, synchronicities, and visions, are the creatively soul crafted material that guide us in awakening to our True selves.  Each image, archetype, scene, sensation, color and emotion that is evoked or portrayed in our dreams ingeniously brings to us material to stimulate our understanding of how our soul is calling us forth – toward our most awakened and enlivened selves.  

We can explore the symbolic material in our dreams from the Gestalt perspective of every aspect of our dream is some aspect of our self that is longing for recognition and integration (withdrawal of projection).  We can also embody the figures in our dreams from the perspective of this “other” experience and discover how this perspective informs our waking experience from a broader range of discovery toward wholeness.  By moving and engaging the body in dream exploration, the images, figures and archetypes stir repressed or hidden energies within us that awaken parts of ourselves that could not be first described in words (intellectually) – that are longing for liberation.  

As Jeremy Taylor, an internationally renowned Dreamworker and my greatest mentor, says (and I have come to trust deeply within myself), is that especially when a dream is remembered, we already have the creative capacity to work with and integrate whatever unconscious energies it is stirring.  It is our responsibility as humans on this planet to be living into the most fully awakened state of ourselves so that we can live productive and meaningful lives that bring forth our unique purpose for being and co-creation on this planet.


Robyn is a Certified Dream Work Facilitator through the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work.


  • Share your story in a safe, compassionate and nurturing environment
  • Embody inner resources that build resilience and courage
  • Discover growth and transformation that lie hidden in darkness of grief
  • Create supportive community networks
  • Receive guidance and referrals for alternative support services

The experience of grieving, whether from a significant loss, an unexpected life change, or a chronic condition, can be tricky and hard to navigate alone. My personal life path has churned me through layers of grief since I was a young girl – from the loss of a young child of very close family friends, to the loss of my own mom in my adolescent years, two life-threatening diagnoses, and two very close brushes on death’s door of my own daughter, among other things. These experiences, over time, have built profound resources of resilience and depth in my ability to continue to work with my own losses as well as the compassionate presence to sit with and companion others as they navigate their own paths through this process. What I have found, in my experience, has been very surprising growth that I am deeply aware that I may never have discovered had I not been forced to face the despair that comes in those times of intense letting go.

It is my passion to provide a compassionate and nurturing environment for others to safely turn their own fertile soils when things feel dark and intense. Just like a flower, it is through the crack in the seed in the dark soil that prompts the yearning from the stem to reach the light and, over time, share the beauty and wisdom that is born out of a difficult path. My vision is that as we, as individuals, give ourselves greater permission to be present with our pain, we discover the creative energies of transformation that are always stirred in the dark times. Then, we become more available for each other, in community, as role models for the next generation, and transform our culture’s experience of loss and, together, offer a map of resilience for the journey through grief.

Offering individual counseling sessions, groups and community gatherings.

Robyn is a provider for 

  • Experience a supportive collaboration that tends to the curiosity and awakening on your individual soul path
  • Explore challenges, questions, insights and inspirations
  • Integrate what is being called forth for the sake of growth and evolution
  • Discover through deep inquiry, embodiment practices and dreamwork
  • Liberate your inherent soulful nature and infinite creative potential

I offer a gentle and sacred approach that nurtures the exploration of deeper existential and spiritual questions that arise as we grow and evolve.  They may be questions about daily life challenges, the journey through grief, our relationship with Spirit, our understanding of religious beliefs, navigating transitions and thresholds, or general curiosity and inquiry into the nature of our human experience and/or suffering.  As a mentor, as well as one who continues to be profoundly mentored myself, it is my intention to hold space for others as they delve into the depths of their own experience.  My calling is to walk next to another, while acting as a guide through the wisdom of my own experience, by actively supporting one crossing the thresholds of life’s path and integrating into newly expanded territory.  I am honored to journey with another on this path, as I continue to deeply honor my own.


  • Therapeutic and healing massage 
  • Deep relaxation
  • Movement reeducation and breathing for core integration 
  • Reiki

With a background as a Physical Therapist, a Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and many years of various deep core and movement based study, I am able to identify compensations in the body’s adaptive system for dealing with injury and stress. I combine all of my background and experience in the body-mind and spiritual realms to provide the most supportive offering for your needs. Whether it is physical muscular balance, deep relaxation, universal healing energy through the gifts of Reiki, or movement reeducation that you are seeking, together we can determine the best quality of care for your individual needs.

  • Explore expressive movement as a journey to awakening
  • Embody soul poetry in motion
  • Discover your unique “soul dance”
  • Celebrate the joy of motion.  


It is my belief that we each come into this life with an inherent rhythm, dance and song that is longing to be heard and expressed.  Our culture is literally starving for creative expression and embodiment, both personally and within community.  In this dance, we reclaim the beauty of our bodies and celebrate the joy of motion.  

Soul Dance, offered in groups, classes and workshops (and can be practiced regularly in your living room!) is inspired by our collective and inherent universal rhythm, 5Rhythms dance, SomaSource, world rhythms, Authentic Movement and the pure joy of discovering how our bodies want to move in each moment.  It is a very empowering experience to move all of the energies of emotion through our bodies, while we open ourselves to the possibility of reclaiming that which has been collectively denied.  How liberating!

I look forward to moving with you on the dance floor.
No dance experience necessary, just a willingness to move and get real - together!


Core Healing Arts is dedicated to the renewal of spirit and awakening of Soul through the body, heart and mind.


Robyn Hubbard, D.Min. (Doctor of Ministry)

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Robyn’s professional career began early on as a Physical Therapist with the intention of integrating body healing and emotional therapy, which proved to be a large part of her initial clinical work.  After the loss of her mother to cancer in 1989 and her own diagnosis of cancer in 1995, she was drawn much more deeply into the world of inner healing, spirituality and grief work.  A number of subsequent losses, transitions and healing crises throughout her adult life has deepened her commitment to the social transformation of how we process and integrate grief and loss through the portal of resilience for the sake of both personal and collective evolution.  A very powerful and active dream life throughout her years, that she finally came to deeply appreciate and engage with during her doctoral studies, is what has guided her along this continually evolving journey.  Her passion for dreams, Jungian and archetypal studies, soul embodiment and movement practices, and all things depth oriented, has fueled her longing for expanding consciousness.

Through her own personal healing path and professional studies over the years, she has developed a profound way to integrate the true essence of body, mind, soul and spirit in her practice. She enjoys working with both individuals and groups to witness the unfolding transformation and soul embodiment that comes out of the curiosity and commitment to awaken the wellness within that she is so deeply committed to in her own evolutionary life path.

Robyn is ever grateful to her mentors and teachers who have deeply influenced her evolving work over the years, including Jeremy Taylor (Marin Institute of Projective Dreamwork), Melissa Michaels (SomaSource®), Matthew Fox, Andrew Harvey, Tina Stromsted (Soul's Body® and Dreamdancing®), Mirabai Starr, Sobonfu Some, Carol Welch (Biosomatics), Andrea Arduine, and Mark Hochwender, as well many others, as her primary sources of inspiration and influence both personally and professionally.  In addition, Robyn bows in deep gratitude to her two beautiful daughters who are her greatest source of love and teaching, and to her wonderful husband who has been an amazing gift of love and support as well as a profound partner in deep, intimate, and often painful, growth and evolution.  And, most passionately, Robyn is grateful for her ever-deepening relationship with the Divine with whom she shares a mutual longing for sacred fusion.


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Robyn Hubbard’s skillful synthesis and deep understanding of body energies, (both obvious and subtle), combined with her exquisite skills as a dream worker and explorer of the “unseen world” make working with her a joy and a revelation.


~ Jeremy Taylor- internationally renowned Dreamworker, Unitarian Universalist minister, speaker and author of numerous dream theory books.


Robyn Hubbard has been walking beside me and encouraging me as I embody my dreams and avail myself of their lessons.  As I read to her from my dream journal during our healing sessions, she encourages me to read the dreams as if I am present in the dream at that moment.  As she helps me interpret the dream, it is not uncommon for me to move to the floor of her office so that I fully embody the dream.  And equally important, Robyn will join me on the floor.  She is fully present with me in my experience and my quest.  Robyn, in a compassionate and loving manner, has supported me, encouraged me, listened to me, and journeyed with me.  I have benefitted from her experience and wisdom, and I am sincerely grateful.  

~ Janet D., Addiction Counselor


When I met Robyn I remarked that I never remembered my dreams.  Shortly after, not only did I begin to dream vividly, but learned how to use dreams to understand my waking life. Through her gifted guidance I have learned that dreams often reveal my fears and anxieties, and by working with them I can move toward courageous living and freedom.   She has taught me that dreams and nightmares are not to be feared, but explored and embraced.  

~ Nannette W., counselor, educator, yoga instructor;


I had the great privilege of sharing in dream work, both privately and in the group environment, with Robyn over the course of two years.  I think of Robyn as a magician in the realm of dream work, as the multi-layered insights continue to reveal themselves years later.  I have come to trust my dreams; allowing them to inform my life.  Honestly, I have learned more about myself through this experience than through any other modality of self-inquiry that I have explored.   

~Lori W., Colorado state charter school professional


After my initial conversation with Robyn about dream work, for the first time in fifteen years, I wasn't afraid of my dreams or my dream life. It wasn't that I had nightmares- I just had so much going on in my dreams it was overwhelming. Now I know more what to do with them. Even after just one session I feel like my dreams could become extremely powerful teachers and guides for me in my life. I got a glimpse into what it would be like to live outside of my own ego and more in the world of symbols. Robyn works from her own intuition and because of how grounded she is in it and how she framed the session for me I felt like I was able to drop into my own intuition and trust the patterns and connections that came up for me. She offered me remarkable insight into symbols and helped me work with them in ways that made them powerful teachers to follow going forward in my life. I can't wait to work with her more.  

~Rachael C., High School Teacher


I have had the privilege of working with Robyn in dream sessions, both private and group oriented.  She is very insightful, present and patient while allowing the individual process to unfold.  She also is a wonderful dance leader and keeps classes alive with her guidance and drumming support.  I would liken her to a child staring at a caterpillar and not leaving until the butterfly emerges....I highly recommend her work.

Teresa S., Chiropractor



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