• Experience a supportive collaboration that tends to the curiosity and awakening on your individual soul path
  • Explore challenges, questions, insights and inspirations
  • Integrate what is being called forth for the sake of growth and evolution
  • Discover through deep inquiry, embodiment practices and dreamwork
  • Liberate your inherent soulful nature and infinite creative potential

I offer a gentle and sacred approach that nurtures the exploration of deeper existential and spiritual questions that arise as we grow and evolve.  They may be questions about daily life challenges, the journey through grief, our relationship with Spirit, our understanding of religious beliefs, navigating transitions and thresholds, or general curiosity and inquiry into the nature of our human experience and/or suffering.  As a mentor, as well as one who continues to be profoundly mentored myself, it is my intention to hold space for others as they delve into the depths of their own experience.  My calling is to walk next to another, while acting as a guide through the wisdom of my own experience, by actively supporting one crossing the thresholds of life’s path and integrating into newly expanded territory.  I am honored to journey with another on this path, as I continue to deeply honor my own.