Robyn Hubbard’s skillful synthesis and deep understanding of body energies, (both obvious and subtle), combined with her exquisite skills as a dream worker and explorer of the “unseen world” make working with her a joy and a revelation.


~ Jeremy Taylor- internationally renowned Dreamworker, Unitarian Universalist minister, speaker and author of numerous dream theory books.


Robyn Hubbard has been walking beside me and encouraging me as I embody my dreams and avail myself of their lessons.  As I read to her from my dream journal during our healing sessions, she encourages me to read the dreams as if I am present in the dream at that moment.  As she helps me interpret the dream, it is not uncommon for me to move to the floor of her office so that I fully embody the dream.  And equally important, Robyn will join me on the floor.  She is fully present with me in my experience and my quest.  Robyn, in a compassionate and loving manner, has supported me, encouraged me, listened to me, and journeyed with me.  I have benefitted from her experience and wisdom, and I am sincerely grateful.  

~ Janet D., Addiction Counselor


When I met Robyn I remarked that I never remembered my dreams.  Shortly after, not only did I begin to dream vividly, but learned how to use dreams to understand my waking life. Through her gifted guidance I have learned that dreams often reveal my fears and anxieties, and by working with them I can move toward courageous living and freedom.   She has taught me that dreams and nightmares are not to be feared, but explored and embraced.  

~ Nannette W., counselor, educator, yoga instructor;


I had the great privilege of sharing in dream work, both privately and in the group environment, with Robyn over the course of two years.  I think of Robyn as a magician in the realm of dream work, as the multi-layered insights continue to reveal themselves years later.  I have come to trust my dreams; allowing them to inform my life.  Honestly, I have learned more about myself through this experience than through any other modality of self-inquiry that I have explored.   

~Lori W., non-profit professional - Tipi Raisers


After my initial conversation with Robyn about dream work, for the first time in fifteen years, I wasn't afraid of my dreams or my dream life. It wasn't that I had nightmares- I just had so much going on in my dreams it was overwhelming. Now I know more what to do with them. Even after just one session I feel like my dreams could become extremely powerful teachers and guides for me in my life. I got a glimpse into what it would be like to live outside of my own ego and more in the world of symbols. Robyn works from her own intuition and because of how grounded she is in it and how she framed the session for me I felt like I was able to drop into my own intuition and trust the patterns and connections that came up for me. She offered me remarkable insight into symbols and helped me work with them in ways that made them powerful teachers to follow going forward in my life. I can't wait to work with her more.  

~Rachael C., High School Teacher


I have had the privilege of working with Robyn in dream sessions, both private and group oriented.  She is very insightful, present and patient while allowing the individual process to unfold.  She also is a wonderful dance leader and keeps classes alive with her guidance and drumming support.  I would liken her to a child staring at a caterpillar and not leaving until the butterfly emerges....I highly recommend her work.

Teresa S., Chiropractor