An integrated approach to wellness through awakening the mind, body, Soul and spirit. 


Robyn Hubbard, D.Min. (Doctor of Ministry) is a spiritual mentor, grief counselor, certified dream work facilitator, bodyworker and a well-resourced guide into the depths of Self where we access our jewels of transformation and soul growth.

Her work involves spiritual mentoring that includes dialogue, embodied movement practices and the exploration of dream material that is symbolically represented through our sleeping and waking dreamscapes.  Robyn’s broad background of body-mind healing and movement-centered work includes Biosomatics, inspiration from 5Rhythms Dance®, SomaSource®, and Authentic Movement, along with her long-time passion as a dancer and soul-centered mover.  A broad array of dream perspectives and depth of study also deeply informs Robyn’s work.  

The process of accessing the body’s wisdom through movement and dance creates an environment of curiosity to explore our unconscious realms and integrate soul messages coming forth from our dreams before they are intellectualized into story. Once we filter our dreamland material through our waking/intellectual minds, it becomes processed through the ego and potentially at the mercy of habitual patterns.  If we allow the natural unfolding of the soul’s prodding through the body’s impulse for creative expression and our mind's ability of imagination, we are more directly guided on our path of purpose and calling. Through the combination of these woven paths, Robyn and her clients explore the wild nature of our inner world and how it interplays with and informs our waking life, or outer, experience. Learn more about Robyn and her process