An integrated approach to wellness through awakening the mind, body, Soul and spirit. 


Robyn Hubbard, D.Min. (Doctor of Ministry) is a spiritual companion, certified grief and bereavement counselor, certified dream work facilitator, bodyworker and a well-resourced guide into the depths of Self where we access our jewels of transformation and soul growth.

Robyn’s work involves spiritual inquiry that includes dialogue, body-centered awareness, expressive movement practices, and the exploration of dream material that is symbolically represented through our sleeping and waking dreamscapes.  Her broad background of inter-spiritual study (from many different traditions and lineages) combined with dreamwork, body-mind healing and movement-centered exploration offers a soulful approach to self-discovery.  Her work is informed by training in Biosomatics, SomaSource®, Authentic Movement, inspiration from 5Rhythms® dance, along with a broad array of dream perspectives and Jungian study.  In addition, Robyn is a Certified Compassionate Bereavement Care Counselor through the MISS Foundation.

Robyn emphasizes somatic awareness in all of her work by tuning in to the body’s wisdom to create an environment of curiosity, explore messages emerging from the unconscious and integrate in our waking minds what is coming forth from our dreams and waking life experience.  

If we allow the natural awakening of the soul to evolve while attuning to our mind's ability to notice sensation and change, we are more directly guided on our path of soulful living. Through the combination of these woven webs of connection, Robyn and her clients explore the wild nature of our inner world and how it inter-plays with and informs our waking life experience.

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*Individual in person, Skype and Zoom sessions available.

*Group, presentation, workshop and retreat facilitation also available.

Upcoming Events 

Dream Work: Discover Meaning and Connection

This dream work experience is an opportunity to share and work with dreams in a group format that allows for aha’s of connection and meaning to be discovered through each other's dreams.  We will explore through deep listening, curiosity, body-centered awareness, expressive movement and dream figure embodiment - weaving webs of connection that bring clarity and guidance to our waking life experience.  Every dream worked within the group becomes an opportunity to gain insight into your own experience.  Dream recall is not necessary to participate.

I have had a life-long relationship with my own dreams and have studied, worked professionally with client's dreams, and had the honor of being mentored by the late, world-renowned dream guide, Jeremy Taylor, for over two decades. 

$100 for 3 session series - limited to 6 participants

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