• Explore expressive movement as a journey to awakening
  • Embody soul poetry in motion
  • Discover your unique “soul dance”
  • Celebrate the joy of motion.  


It is my belief that we each come into this life with an inherent rhythm, dance and song that is longing to be heard and expressed.  Our culture is literally starving for creative expression and embodiment, both personally and within community.  In this dance, we reclaim the beauty of our bodies and celebrate the joy of motion.  

Soul Dance, offered in groups, classes, rituals, retreats and workshops (and can be practiced regularly in your living room!) is inspired by our collective and inherent universal rhythm, 5Rhythms dance, 4 Paths of Creation Spirituality, SomaSource®, world rhythms, Authentic Movement and the pure joy of discovering how our bodies want to move in each moment.  It is a very empowering experience to move all of the energies of emotion through our bodies, while we open ourselves to the possibility of reclaiming that which has been collectively denied.  How liberating!

I look forward to moving with you on the dance floor.
No dance experience necessary, just a willingness to move and get real - together!